Scholarship at University of Oxford

Scholarship at University of Oxford

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University of Oxford

The college of Oxford (informally Oxford university or in reality Oxford) is a collegiate studies college located in Oxford, England. While having no recognized date of basis, there’s proof of coaching as some distance returned as 1096, making it the oldest college within the English-speaking world and the arena’s 2d-oldest surviving college. It grew unexpectedly from 1167 when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris. After disputes among students and Oxford townsfolk in 1209, some teachers fled northeast to Cambridge wherein they established what have become the college of Cambridge. The two “historical universities” are often together referred to as “Oxbridge“.



The University of Oxford has no known basis date. Coaching at Oxford existed in a few shape as early as 1096, however it is unclear whilst a university came into being. It grew speedy in 1167 when English students returned from the college of Paris. The historian Gerald of Wales lectured to such pupils in 1188 and the primary known overseas pupil, Emo of Fries land, arrived in 1190. The top of the college changed into named a chancellor from at least 1201 and the masters were diagnosed as a universities or agency in 1231. The university turned into granted a royal constitution in 1248 for the duration of the reign of King Henry III.

In 1333–34, an attempt by means of some disillusioned Oxford students to observed a new university at Stamford, Lincolnshire became blocked with the aid of the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge petitioning King Edward 3.Thereafter, until the 1820s, no new universities were allowed to be founded in England, even in London; thus, Oxford and Cambridge had a duopoly, which changed into unusual in western eu international locations.

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Online Course:

Take advantage of the rigorous and engaging study for which the University of Oxford is famous – from anywhere in the world.


In commonplace with maximum British universities, prospective college students apply through the UCAS utility device, however prospective candidates for the university of Oxford, along side those for medicinal drug, dentistry, and college of Cambridge candidates, ought to take a look at an in advance cut-off date of 15 October. To permit a greater personalized judgment of students, who might in any other case follow for each, undergraduate candidates aren’t approved to apply to each Oxford and Cambridge inside the equal year. The handiest exceptions are candidates for organ scholarships and people applying to study for a 2nd undergraduate diploma.

Maximum applicants pick out to use to one of the character schools, which paintings with each different to make sure that the first-rate students gain a place someplace on the college no matter their university alternatives. Shortlisting is primarily based on completed and expected examination consequences, faculty references, and, in a few subjects, written admission assessments or candidate-submitted written paintings. About 60% of applicants are shortlisted, despite the fact that this varies by using issue. If a huge variety of shortlisted applicants for a subject select one university, then college students who named that college may be reallocated randomly to under-subscribed faculties for the challenge. The schools then invite shortlisted applicants for interview, in which they may be supplied with meals and lodging for around three days in December. Most applicants will be in my opinion interviewed by means of lecturers at a couple of college. College students from outside Europe can be interviewed remotely, for instance, over the net. Gives are despatched out in early January, with every offer typically being from a selected college. One in 4 a success applicants receives a suggestion from a college that they did now not follow to. A few courses can also make “open gives” to some applicants, who aren’t assigned to a specific college till A degree consequences day in August.


Tuition fee rates:

For maximum programmers of observe, price costs range for overseas college students in comparison to those from the UK and different European member states. You can pick out which charge applies to you at the charge charge tables by means of first locating your programmer of observe and then your price popularity (domestic/ecru, Islands*, remote places) and sooner or later the 12 months in which you commenced.

*Island costs, which are most effective payable by way of college students from Channel Islands and Isle of Man, observe to undergraduate programmers of study and the p.C. Only. For all different programmers Islands students are charged at the home/European rate.


Academic year Undergraduate Postgraduate Taught Postgraduate Research Visiting Students Continuing Education & Modular Programmes
2011/12 ugfees1112.pdf(79kb) pgtfees1112.pdf(193kb) pgrfees1112.pdf(114kb) N/A Modularfees1112.pdf(50kb)
2010/11 New starters ugnew1011.pdf(31kb) pgtnew1011.pdf(137kb) pgrnew1011.pdf(40kb) N/A OUDCE1011.pdf (80kb)
2010/11 Continuing ugcont1011.pdf(52kb) pgtcont1011.pdf(31kb) prgcont1011.pdf(42kb) N/A N/A
2009/10 New starters ugnew0910.pdf(53kb) pgtnew0910.pdf(84kb) pgrnew0910.pdf(56kb) vrofees0910.pdf(19kb) OUDCE0910.pdf(32kb)
2009/10 Continuing ugcont0910.pdf(139kb) pgtcont0910.pdf(39kb) pgrcont0910.pdf(69kb) N/A N/A
2008/09 ugfees0809.pdf(115kb) pgtfees0809.pdf(130kb) pgrfees0809.pdf(110kb) vrofees0809.pdf(107kb) N/A
2007/08 ugfees0708.pdf(55kb) pgtfees0708.pdf(86kb) pgrfees0708.pdf(50kb) vrofees0708.pdf(36kb) N/A
2006/07 ugfees0607.pdf(51kb) pgtfees0607.pdf(53kb) pgrfees0607.pdf(41kb) vrofees0607.pdf(36kb) N/A
2005/06 ugfees0506.pdf(52kb) pgtfees0506.pdf(56kb) pgrfees0506.pdf(55kb) vrofees0506.pdf(37kb) N/A


Can my fee status change?

It is not commonly feasible in your rate fame to trade as soon as your path has commenced. In case you end up an ecu countrywide, or the relevant family member of an eu country wide, or your us of a joins the eu then you may turn out to be eligible to pay charges at the home/ecu fee. However, a change in rate reputation isn’t computerized. It is not viable in your charge status to alternate for 12 months 4 of an integrated master’s qualification (as an example, Math) even though it’s miles feasible to depart after three years with a BA.


Contac address:

Address: Oxford, United Kingdom

Acceptance rate: 18% (2014)

Founded: Oxford, United Kingdom

Chancellor: Chris Patten

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