Scholarship and Fund at King’s college London

Scholarship and Fund at King’s college London

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King’s college London (informally King’s or KCL; formerly styled King’s university, London) is a public studies college positioned in London, United Kingdom, and a constituent college of the federal university of London. King’s was founded in 1829 via King George IV and the Duke of Wellington and obtained its royal constitution inside the identical yr, making it arguably the 1/3-oldest university in England. Kings have become one of the two founding faculties of the college of London in 1836 and has grown via mergers, together with with Queen Elizabeth college and Chelsea university of technology and generation (in 1985), the Institute of Psychiatry (in 1997), and the United scientific and Dental faculties of guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals and Florence Nightingale faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (in 1998). King’s has become the most important middle for graduate and publish-graduate scientific teaching and biomedical studies in Europe as consistent with number of students and is regarded as one of the leading multidisciplinary studies universities in the international.


King’s university, so named to signify the patronage of King George IV, became founded in 1829 in reaction to the theological controversy surrounding the founding of “London University” (which later have become university college London) in 1827. London university turned into based, with the backing of Utilitarian’s, Jews and non-Anglican Christians, as a secular group, supposed to educate “the youngsters of our middling wealthy humans between the ages of 15 or sixteen and 20 or later” giving its nickname, “the godless college in Gower street”.

The need for such an group changed into a result of the spiritual and social nature of the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which then educated completely the sons of rich Anglicans. The secular nature of London College turned into disapproved via the status quo, indeed, “the storms of opposition which raged around it threatened to weigh down every spark of important power which remained”. Hence, the creation of a rival group represented a Tory response to reassert the educational values of the establishment. Extra widely, King’s was one of the first of a series of institutions which passed off within the early 19th century due to the industrial Revolution and notable social changes in England following the Napoleonic Wars. By means of distinctive feature of its foundation King’s has loved the patronage of the monarch, the Archbishop of Canterbury as its traveler and during the nineteenth century counted among its official governors the Lord Chancellor, Speaker of the residence of Commons and the Lord Mayor of London.

King's college London

Organization and administration:

The head of King’s college London is officially the principal and president, presently held by Ed Byrne. The office is established by means of the charter of King’s as “the chief academic and administrative officer of the college” and King’s statutes require the important to have the overall duty to the council for “making sure that the gadgets of the university are fulfilled and for retaining and selling the efficiency, field and proper order of the university”. The constitution and statutes granted in 2009 created the additional position of “president”. As such the entire identify of the pinnacle of King’s college London is the “principal and President”. Senior officers are referred to as the predominates critical crew. Six vice-principals have particular obligations for schooling; studies and innovation; method and improvement; arts and sciences; global (developing the university’s worldwide studies networks); and fitness (wherein there’s additionally a deputy vice-foremost).


In the monetary yr ended 31 July 2014 King’s had a total income of £603.Sixty seven million (2012/13 – £586.Ninety five million) and general expenditure of £605.Eighty one million (2012/thirteen – £577.38 million). Key sources of earnings blanketed £201.08 million from training fees and schooling contracts (2012/13 – £174.58 million), £171.55 million from research offers and contracts (2012/13 – £164.03 million), £122.Forty three million from investment Council grants (2012/thirteen – £130.Sixty seven million) and £five.77 million from endowment and investment income (2012/thirteen – £6.4 million).During the 2012/13 monetary year King’s had a capital expenditure of £a hundred and five.9 million (2012/thirteen – £73 million).

At 31 July 2014 King’s had overall endowments of £162.6 million (31 July 2013 – £154.09 million) and general net assets of £828.37 million (31 July 2013 – £810.05 million). King’s has a credit score of AA from fashionable & poor’s. In 2013/14, King’s had the 7th-highest total earnings of any British university. In October 2010 King’s launched a chief fundraising marketing campaign fronted by way of former British high Minister John main, with a purpose to elevate £500 million by 2015.

Contact information:

Address: Strand, London WC2R 2LS, United Kingdom

Acceptance rate: 13% (2014)

Enrollment: 26,509 (2014)

Phone: +44 20 7836 5454

Mascot: Reggie the Lion



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